Hot guy in a Speedo and goggles …

Hi, friends and readers:

I love Speedo swimsuits and the young men who wear them at swim meets. What’s sexier? I keep promising myself I’ll attend more meets in my area, but I never seem to go. Why?

Now, I’m pretty certain the photo in today’s post was taken in Australia, where the guys are less modest than in the U. S. (Maybe I’ll take another trip to Sydney one day …) I went to Australia in 2006 and visited the beach at Bondi. I can tell you, the sights there were amazing. If you go there, take plenty of sunscreen ’cause you’ll want t stay all day long.

I’m up early, with lots to do. I’m busy on my new work-in-progress, set in the mid-1960s in Tampa, FL. It’s always fun doing period pieces, as one must remember what sort of technology and pop culture existed at the time. If you remember 1964-65, you know the Beatles dominated the airwaves at the time. Guys quit using hair tonic and started growing their hair longer. There were no cell phones. In fact, there weren’t push-button phones, even. Most cars were not air conditioned. So much has changed.

Well, I got my Christmas cookies baked last night; they came out great. No burned ones! With the exception of buying one or two more gifts, I’m all set for Christmas Day. Are you?

It’ll be a typical Wednesday for me: writing, YMCA, and dinner out with my buds in the city. Nothing exciting, but always fun. The weather’s supposed to warm up tomorrow, and maybe I can return my orchids and other plants to my back porch. Screw this cold stuff …

Enjoy your Wednesday, everyone.

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