Martin’s story, “Donkey Dude”, releases today …

Hi, friends and readers:

Cleis Press has just released a new anthology titled I Like To Watch, featuring stories about voyeurism and exhibitionism in the gay subculture. My story, Donkey Dude, is included.

This story is one of three I’ve recently had published in Cleis Press anthologies. The other two books are Best Gay Erotica 2011 (My story’s titled Closet Case.) and Best Gay Romance 2011. (My story’s titled First Roach Pond.) Cleis is a high quality, San Francisco-based house. Their books are available in both print and digital formats.

Here’s an excerpt from Donkey Dude.

* * * *

I’m a skulker; I spy on men when they jerk off.

Watching a hot guy stroke himself, when he doesn’t know you’re observing, is incredibly sexy. The poor devil thinks he’s in a private situation — believes no one knows what he’s up to — but I do. I see everything.

I love watching a guy’s face contort when he reaches orgasm. His cock throbs and his come spurts and it glistens on his belly like so many gemstones. It is oh so sexy and–


Have I ever been caught?

Um-m-m … yeah.

I’ll tell you what happened, if you’d like. But don’t repeat this to anyone, understand?

Okay, listen:

About a year ago a guy moved into my neighborhood; I didn’t know his name. I called him Donkey Dude ‘cause his dick was so large. He was close to my age — early twenties — and I figured he attended college because the desk in his bedroom was often stacked with books. He always used his laptop computer. At night he’d study with a pencil stuck sideways in his mouth and occasionally he’d write in a spiral notebook. Most nights he wore nothing but boxer shorts and his ball cap turned backward.

This guy’s body was hot: shoulder muscles like shot puts, carved chest, flat belly, sinewy legs. And he was handsome, too: dark hair and eyes, cleft chin, dark stubble on his cheeks.

Donkey Dude was a creature of habit. Every weeknight, around eleven, he’d lock his door, then strip off his boxers and sit before his computer, looking at porn, what kind I couldn’t see. He’d tease his dick with his fingers and play with his low hanger nuts and very quickly his cock would stiffen. He kept a bottle of lube in his desk drawer and he’d grease himself up, then he’d stroke. If the windows were open I could hear the lube smacking. Sometimes he would raise his knees and rest his feet on the seat of his chair. He’d squeeze a dollop of lube onto his middle finger and stick it up his butt, all the way, no joke.

I probably spied on Donkey Dude two or three times a week.

* * * *

Am I tempting you? Here’s a link to the Cleis Press site where you can buy I Like To Watch if you’d like:

And, no: I don’t earn royalties off this sort of book. I’m paid a one-time fee for my story and that’s it. But I think my story, titled Donkey Dude, will amuse you and get your juices flowing. The entire book was edited by Christopher Pierce, one of the better guys in the business.

I took a three-mile run this afternoon. I bundled up because a steady, cold wind blew from the northeast. The kind that cuts right through your clothing. I’m staying inside tonight by the fireplace. Maybe I’ll do a little reading or watch a Netflix movie my neighbor lent me.

Tomorrow’s Christmas Eve and I’ll go caroling with my guitar and my friends. What are you doing tomorrow night?

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