Coming out to your parents is not easy, but it’s necessary …

Hi, friends and readers:

It’s late, I know. But I just got off the phone with someone very close to me. He’s gay and tonight he broke the news to his parents. His family’s very tight-knit and I know it had to be a difficult moment for him, and for his parents. But it all went well, and I could hear the relief in his voice when he told me about it.

Coming out to your friends and loved ones is a liberating experience. All of a sudden, you’ve laid down a heavy burden. They know exactly who you are and what you are up to. No more lies and deceptions. If someone rejects you because of your sexual orientation, then they never loved you in the first place. You have to let them go.

Here’s a link to a You Tube clip I think is quite amazing. It’s part of the “It Gets Better” project. Have a look:

I still have a cold and sore throat, but I think I’ll feel better tomorrow. I’ll pick my boyfriend up at Tampa International, mid-day. He’s been gone a week; I can’t wait to see him. I’m a lucky man to have him in my life, and I know it.

By the time you read this it’ll be Tuesday. I hope it’s a nice day for you. Good night, friends.

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