Three shirtless guys; it’s New Year’s Eve …

Hi, friends and readers:

It’s New Year’s Eve: time to take off your shirt, hit the dance floor and shake your butt in a crowded club, right?

Well, if you have a body like the three guys in today’s photo post, by all means lose your shirt. If you don’t, do the world a favor and keep your shirt on. (Do you think the three guys in the photo are brothers? They sure look alike.)

I have to admit, I’ve never been a big New Year’s Eve person. It often strikes me as a contrived event. You know, so many people think, “Hey, it’s New Year’s so we have to go to a club and pay a lot of money to drink and dance. We must pretend we’re having the time of our lives, even though we’d rather spend a quiet evening at home with friends.”

Then there’s the whole DUI thing. Sure, you can take a taxi to a club, but what about all the other folks who don’t. They’re on the road, accidents waiting to happen. Not good, friends. Beware.

So, if you’re going out tonight, please have a designated driver or take a cab. Drive defensively, look out for idiots, they’ll be out there. Me? I’m still sick with a bad cold, so I’m not going anywhere. A kind neighbor left me a bottle of bubbly on my front porch, so I’ll sit by the fireplace and read tonight while I sip champagne. Not too bad, eh?

Warmer weather has arrived in central Florida. We’ll have a high of 70 degrees F today. The sun is shining. It’s my idea of winter weather. I’ll work on my writing and tend to correspondence today, and that’s about it. I need to recuperate from this stupid cold.

Happy New Year, everyone.

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