Sexy lover boys; blog stats surging today …

Hi, friends and readers:

What do you think of today’s photo post? Both guys personify the word “sexy”, in my humble opinion. What bodies, what nice hair and facial features. Aye-yi-yi.

I’m experiencing a busy day on the blog today. It’s only one P.M. and already I’ve had more visits and comments than I normally receive on an entire. I suppose people have a lot of time on their hands today, as it’s Sunday and the holidays are over. No more shopping, baking, gift-wrapping, and partying.

I’m a UF graduate and a Gators fan. The Gators haven’t had the best of seasons this year, but yesterday they played Penn State in the Outback Bowl in Tampa, and the Gators won. What a nice finish. Go Gators!

I spoke with my boyfriend last night (he’s in L. A.) just after the Rose Bowl ended. He wasn’t real happy about the game — Wisconsin lost to TCU — but he was having a good time otherwise. I watched the game on TV and it looked beautiful in Pasadena — sunny and dry, with no wind. Today I’ll watch the Packers play the Bears at Lambeau Field. It should be an exciting game, as the Packers must win to reach the playoffs.

Outside, it’s overcast, but warm enough. I’m still recovering from my cold, so I won’t be taking a run today, but I’m well enough to do things around the house before the Packer game starts. I need to run a few errands as well.

Enjoy your Sunday, everyone.

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