Attention gay wrestlers: HBO interview opportunity coming up …

Hi, friends and readers:

As most of you already know, I hear from many young gay men around the country who wrestle for their high school and college teams. Sometimes I’ll post their comments.

My impression from all I’ve heard is that wrestling is not a gay-friendly sport. Most wrestlers I hear from are closeted, afraid to talk about their sexual orientation with their coaches and teammates.

I’ve been contacted by a production assisatant from a cable TV show called Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel. It’s an HBO program airing monthly. I’ve never seen it myself. The production assistant came across my blog while researching the subject of gay boys/men participating in high school and college wrestling programs. She has contacted me and asked if young wrestlers who’ve written me on the blog would be willing to be interviewed on Real Sports.

I have a strict policy of not revealing the identity of anyone who writes me through this blog. Especially high school and college students. I don’t want some predator bugging these students or, worse yet, stalking them. I told the Real Sports production woman of my policy and she understands. But she asked if I would put up a post inviting gay wrestlers to contact her directly, if they’d consider granting Real Sports an interview.

So … in a few days she will provide me with her contact information. She can also provide you with past interview clips from Real Sports, to give you a glimpse at their approach to athlete interviews. You can have a look, then decide for yourself if you want to contact her. Sound good?

Since I don’t know this lady personally, and since I’ve never seen Real Sports, I can’t really give wrestlers any advice on this situation. I mean, it’s an opportunity to let your voice be heard by a large audience, but please … proceed with caution. You have a right to privacy.

Enjoy your Tuesday night, everyone.

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