Wisdom from Calvin and Hobbes …

Hi, friends and readers:

Tonight I’m sharing a little taste of Calvin & Hobbes, my all time favorite comic strip. (Okay, The Far Side was pretty good, as well.) We all need to slow down and show our best friend how much we care for him/her.

Take today. My boyfriend and I had a great workout at the YMCA, we shot some hoops, then swam laps and showered. We left the YMCA feeling great. We hit the supermarket on the way home, then the seafood market for fresh flounder. Tonight we’ll enjoy a fine dinner, then we’re going bowling. We also spent a little time getting intimate, which is also important. How could I ask for a better day?

Okay, I know … I’m not supposed to post on this blog without including a photo of a handsome young man. So, here you go.

I only wish the weather on the island was as good as the weather in the photo I’ve posted. Tonight, it’s windy, damp and overcast. The next three days are going to be very cold, as a front is moving down from up north. (Oh, no!) Wednesday morning it’s supposed to be in the low 30s. Aye-yi-yi. If I want to be that cold I’ll move to Minnesota.

Again, thanks to everyone who stopped by the blog yesterday, helping set a record for the highest number of visits since the blog began in 2008. It’s so cool, knowing so many people are viewing my posts. I get comments from all over the place. And the ones I receive from gay athletes: surfers, skateboarders, wrestlers, and water polo players are especially gratifying.

If you are a gay athlete and you feel ostracized by your teammates and coach, hang in there. You are entitled to participate in your sport of choice. And keep writing, guys. I love hearing from you, and from your parents.

Okay, I need to get our delicious dinner underway, so I will sign off for now. Everyone have a nice Monday night, okay?

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