Another sexy water polo player in a Speedo …

Hi, friends and readers:

How come water polo is not more popular here in Florida? If matches were held regularly in my area I would definitely become a fan. How about you?

I’m up early and ready to get busy. I’m doing a bit of restructuring on my new work-in-progress, a story titled Convicts. It takes place in Tampa, FL in 1965. The main character’s a young man named Kurt who’s just served 30 months in state prison on an arson conviction.

The story’s coming along nicely, but I need to make certain changes at the beginning, so Kurt’s actions later in the story are better understood. (Isn’t the life of a fiction writer exciting?)

My boyfriend and I had such a nice evening last night. Our seafood dinner was delicious, our trip to the bowling alley fun. I even scored a 153 in my second game. Not bad, considering I have not bowled in ten years. The place was all but empty, as people were at home watching the BCS championship game. (Auburn won, but I really didn’t care who did.)

Once I finish my writing this morning, we’re traveling to a mall in Tampa in search of a new loveseat for our TV room. This is something we’ve been discussing for months. Right now we’re sitting in two separate chairs and it’s just not as nice as sitting together with no armrests between us. (You think about such things when you’re in love …)

I’m not sure what we’ll do this evening, but hopefully the skies will stay clear and we can take a run, then enjoy a sunset down at the beach. Right now the sun’s shining and it’s about 60 degrees outside, not bad at all.

Enjoy your Tuesday, everyone.

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