Cute boy with his camera; beautiful afternoon in Florida …

Hi, friends and readers:

I’m not a big fan of “self-pics” guys take of themselves in the bathroom mirror — the kind they post on their Facebook pages. But the young man in tonight’s photo post was so … alluring, I had to post it.

I spent a very nice afternoon with my boyfriend before he left for work. We bought sandwiches at our island market, packed up sodas and chips and cole slaw. We took it all to Ft. De Soto Park, a beautiful Gulf front facility near the mouth of Tampa Bay, where we ate our lunch in the sunshine at a picnic table.

Okay, it was a little chilly, but we didn’t mind. The sky was bright blue and cloudless, the water was torquoise, the beach sand white as table sugar. After lunch we walked the shore. It was so beautiful. I love getting outdoors when the weather is cool and sunny.

I’ll spend my evening at home, cooking dinner, listening to music, maybe lighting the fireplace. We’re due for another chilly night, with a low around 40 degrees F. The blog’s been busy again today. Over one thousand people have visited already, and it’s only 5:30 PM EST.

I received a comment from a reader in Dallas named Clint. He said, “I’ve read all your books. I guess you’d call me a fan. What I want to know is, where do you get your ideas for your stories?”

Good question, Clint. Many of my stories arise from my travel experiences. I like to put my characters in diverse settings: Hawaii, Berlin, Florida’s East Coast, and San Francisco, to name a few. I think travel’s about the most enriching thing you can do for yourself.

The characters in my stories are assembled from parts of people I have known in real life: friends, relatives, colleagues, ex-lovers and students. But I never stick an entire real person in one of my tales. I’ll simply use a person’s physical apperance or some of his/her personality traits. Never the whole person. It wouldn’t be nice, and I’m a nice guy.

Enjoy your Thursday night, everyone.

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