Three shirtless guys in party hats; beautiful day on the island …

Hi, frends and readers:

Anyone up for a party today? If you are, then you’ll need to come shirtless if you’re under 25, and you’ll need a silly party hat. Maybe one of the guys in today’s photo post will lend you his. What do you think? All three guys are hot, in my opinion, but the guy on the right is my favorite. Which is yours?

I was up early for a medical appointment. Nothing serious, just usual body maintenance stuff. Now I’m home and it’s beautiful outside — 70 degrees F, sunnay and still. In a little while, my boyfriend and I will take a nice long walk on the beach. It should be perfect. The Gulf’s too cold to swim in, but that’s okay. It’s just nice to be outdoors, feeling the sun on your shoulders, hearing waves slap the shore. This time of year we have a wide variety of seabirds; they’re interesting to watch. I espcially like watching pelicans dive bomb fish for their meals. Splash!

I’ll do a little writing this afternoon, a bit of gardening too. My boyfriend has the day off, so we’ll work in the yard together. Around five PM we’ll take a run, then watch sunset at the beach. I’m cooking chili for dinner tonight, always a treat at this time of year. Believe me, island living can’t be beat.

Enjoy your Thurday, everyone.

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