Cute boy in a green t-shirt; Martin’s finally healthy and well …

Hi, friends and readers:

Remember what it was like being a teenager? You don’t want to stay home because your parents will bug you till you go crazy. You’re too young to get into clubs and often times you don’t have a car. So, you hang out with other guys your age in places like skateparks or amusement centers or the beach, and you kill time.

The photo I’ve posted here today sort of takes me back to that time in my life. I wouldn’t return to that period for all the money in the world. I just wasn’t happy until I had my freedom; i.e., until I had my own car and I could go where I wanted. That’s when I started enjoying life.

I’m finally over my cold. No cough, no runny nose. I’ll wait one more day before I start running again, but it sure feels good to be healthy once more. Yesterday afternoon, I took a walk on the beach for a mile or so and it was so nice: sunny and cool, but no wind.

Anyone watch football yesterday? I did.  The Packers defeated the Bears, so the Packers will go to the Super Bowl. They will play the Steelers. I watched the whole Packers/Bears game, but only a little of the the Steelers/Jets game. I didn’t really care which team one the AFC title.

Today it’s overcast outside, but it’s not cold. I’ll probably take another walk this afternoon after I finish working on my new story, Convicts. Wherever you are, I hope you enjoy your Monday.

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