Congratulations to Kelly Slater, ten-time world champion surfer …

Hi, friends and readers:

Do you know who Kelly Slater is? (That’s his photo at left.) If you don’t know who he is, you should.

Some people say Muhammed Ali is the greatest athlete of all time because of his many boxing accomplishments. Okay, Ali was great, but I think Slater beats Ali many times over.

Last November, Slater won the ASP world championship in surfing for the tenth time. It’s an unbelievable achievement for a kid from Cocoa Beach, Florida, a working class community on Florida’s East Coast where I do my surfing whenever I can. I’ve been going over there since I was in high school. (Yeah, about 100 years ago …)

Slater is not only a great surfer, he’s also a very nice person who keeps his ego in check. He does all sorts of charity work. His head’s in the right place. He’s my hero. Congratulations, Kelly.

If you are into surfing and you are gay, you might also want to check out the website. It’s listed in my blogroll at right, just click on it and you’ll be there in seconds. Their membership is growing fast, which I think is pretty cool.

In other news … You may recall a post I put up on this blog about two weeks ago with a link to a porno video featuring two gay skateboarders. (Okay, the guys in the video clearly were not real skaters. But, hey, it’s porno.) The date of the post was January 8, 2011. The video was posted on another guy’s blog titled Long Hair Bois. Here’s the link to the blog:

And, kids, if you’re under eighteen years of age, be good and don’t watch the video, okay? It’s intended for adults.

Yesterday, I heard from the guy who runs the Long Hair Bois blog. He seems like a nice fellow and I posted his comment for all to see. Check out his blog, you might like it.

On another subject, I had eye surgery this morning. Nothing too major, and everything went well. I’m at home with a patch over my right eye, but I’m feeling great and the patch comes off tomorrow. My eyesight will be greatly improved. I won’t even need contact lenses to surf anymore. How cool is that?

Enjoy your Tuesday, everyone.

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