Sexy model Marat; it’s beautiful in central Florida today …

Hi, friends and readers:

Is everyone familiar with the boy at left? His name is Marat; he was the subject of a photo shoot several years ago. Some of the photos were pretty … provocative. If you look hard enough on the Internet, you can probably still find them.

It’s a picture perfect day, here on the island. I suspect the beach will be packed with tourists and locals today. Outside, it’s about 70 degrees, cloudless and sunny, with no wind. A great day to spend in a boat or just walking the shore.

My boyfriend has to work today, so I’m on my own. I’ll work on my writing, answer correspondence, maybe take a run around four PM. Because of my eye surgery, I haven’t been able to go to the gym or take my usual three-mile trots, and I’m feeling antsy. I’m ready to get back on the fitness trail.

If you want to read something heart-warming, take a look at the comment I posted under yesterday’s post about our trip to Disney World in Orlando. It’s a very sweet story shared with me by a guy named Rick, who has a special place in his heart for Main Street in Disneyland (the one in California).

Okay, everyone, enjoy this fine Saturday. If you live in central Florida, you know it doesn’t get any better than this. Get out there and get active!

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