The boy with the perfect butt returns; gay skaters, let me hear from you about “Carter DuBose” …

Hi, friends and readers:

About a  year ago (3/15/10) I posted a photo of the young man you see at left. I didn’t know who he was or how long ago the photo had been taken. A friend who follows this blog informed me the model’s name is “Vova”, and the photos were taken several years ago. Who knows where Vova is now? But my friend sent me a few photos of Vova I hadn’t seen and I thought I would share this one with you tonight. Everybody happy?

My trip to the YMCA was wonderful. I had a great workout and swim with my boyfriend before he departed for work. I hit the supermarket afterward. Now, I’m home and the fridge is fully stocked. I’ll have a guest for dinner, then spend a quiet evening here on the island.

We’re having a busy day on the blog. Already, over a thousand people have stopped by today. I hope everyone’s enjoying the first installment from my story, Carter DuBose. I’ll post another installment tomorrow morning, along with a nice skateboarder photo. If any of you skaters out there have comments about my story, positive or otherwise, I’d like to hear from you.

It’s warm here tonight, about 75 degrees F, but it’s windy. My coconut palm fronds are rustling like crazy. They sound like decks of cards being shuffled. I think I’ll skip sunset at the beach tonight and work on my newest story instead. Have a nice Tuesday evening, all.

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