Sad, naked skater on a rooftop; last installment of “Carter DuBose” …

Hi, friends and readers:

Have a look at this morning’s photo post. It’s kind of sad, isn’t it? The young skater looks so forlorn, sort of like Carter DuBose must’ve felt when his best friend, Douglas, dumped Carter because  Carter admitted he was gay.

Okay, enough about him. Let’s move on to other, more serious matters like … my terribly exciting life. Last night, after I cooked a nice meal for my boyfriend and me, we visited our city’s largest gay club, where they serve enormous Long Island Iced Teas for three dollars apiece on Thursdays. A friend joined us for the trip into town. We danced and watched videos on the big screen TVs and checked out all the guys. The place was packed and it was so much fun.

I spent a lot of time in bars when I was in my twenties and thirties, but pretty much gave them up after that. I got burned out on nightlife, I guess. But last night was fun. I’ve always enjoyed dancing and getting out among people.

Today we’re going to set a record for the most visits to this blog in a single day. Already, over 1300 people have stopped by and the day’s only half over. I think the free fiction installments from Carter DuBose have been a major draw, along with the posts on gay skateboarders and wrestlers. What a great way to start the weekend.

Here’s the final installment from Carter DuBose. As always, it comes with a caveat:


* * * *

On a warm evening, a few days after his visit to the County Jail, Carter lay in his bed, half asleep, listening to Mahler’s Sixth Symphony in the darkness, when he heard a noise.


Carter’s body jerked.


Carter rose onto his elbows and squinted. What was going on?

Douglas stood outside Carter’s bedroom window. He was shirtless and moonlight bathed his shoulders; it reflected in his straw colored hair. Carter thought of the last time he’d seen Douglas, in his jumpsuit at the jail.

Carter rose. Wearing only boxer shorts, he crept to the window. He cranked it open and peered through the screen. “You’re out already?”

Douglas nodded. When he spoke his voice sounded hoarse, like he’d been shouting. “I didn’t have bus fare so I had to walk and it took hours. I tried going home, but my step-dad’s on a rampage. Can I sleep here?”

Carter removed the screen and Douglas crawled over the sill, his sour scent making Carter’s nose crinkle. Douglas shucked off his shoes. Then his belt buckle tinkled as he lowered his jeans and kicked them aside. He wore no under shorts, and moonlight afforded Carter a clear view of Douglas’ genitals – his cannon dick and low-hanger balls. The sight made Carter’s mouth go sticky. When he swallowed, his spit rumbled in his throat.

Carter’s bed was a three-quarter — a tight fit for two — and the boys’ shoulders, hips and knees touched. Douglas’ hair smelled like sawdust. His calf pressed against Carter’s, and their leg hairs commingled. Already, Carter’s cock twitched inside his boxers. His pulse raced and his heart thumped, but he told himself, Careful, DuBose. You don’t want to get punched in the nose.

The covers rustled each time one of the boys moved.

“So, they gave you probation?”

“Eighteen months.”

“That’s good.”

Neither boy spoke for a while, they only listened to Mahler and breathed. A car passed on the street. Glow from headlights swept the walls of Carter’s room.

Douglas placed an arm behind his head.



“Thanks for coming to see me at the jail. I was nuts.”

“Yeah, I could tell.”

Douglas sniffled, then swallowed. He shifted his weight and then his leg pressed against Carter’s. Extending an arm, Douglas rested his limb on Carter’s pillow. The underside of Douglas’ wrist touched the crown of Carter’s head.

Carter stared at the ceiling, flexing his toes. What was Douglas up to?



“They hurt me in jail; I’m sore down below, but …”


“You can touch me in front if you want; it’s okay.”

Carter’s belly fluttered. Douglas offered himself, but why? And how should he, Carter, respond?

Shifting to his side and facing Douglas, Carter bent an elbow and rested his head against the heel of his hand.

“You don’t have to do this, Douglas; you don’t owe me anything.”

After reaching for Carter’s hand, Douglas placed it between his thighs. Douglas’ cock was stiff and thick as a broom handle.

Carter wrapped his fingers around the shaft while his heart hammered his rib cage. He thought, Holy crap …

Douglas cleared his throat. “Do you want to suck me off?”

“Are you serious?”

Douglas bobbed his chin. “You said you’re gay, right?”

“Yeah, but are you? ”

Douglas moved his shoulders.

“Stuff happened in jail – please don’t ask what `cause I don’t want to say — but maybe I’m not who I thought I was.”

Carter puckered one side of his face.

“I don’t understand.”

Douglas shifted position. His face came close to touching Carter’s when he explained.

“I got hard, DuBose, most every time a guy touched me, and I came when I was raped. Why is that? I feel so … ashamed.”

The boys kept quiet a few moments, Carter’s fingers still gripped Douglas’ cock, a connection that seemed important right then.

Again, Douglas sniffled. Moonlight reflected in a tear sliding down his cheek. He brought his lips to Carter’s ear.

“I’m sorry I called you a faggot.”

“It’s okay.”

Douglas reached for Carter’s temple, and then he stroked it with his thumb.

“Do you like me, DuBose?”

“Yeah, of course. I always have.”

“Then go ahead: satisfy yourself … and me too.”

Carter’s voice cracked when he spoke.

“All right,” was all he could manage.

His body shook so hard the bed wobbled. Why did it take jail, he thought, to bring us to this point?

Douglas pulled aside the sheet and blanket.

Carter changed position, so that he knelt between Douglas’ thighs. Carter lowered his face to Douglas’ groin, trying to recall exactly how the man in the park had gone about things.Douglas’ crotch sweat smelt pungent. When Carter retracted Douglas’s foreskin, a cheddar aroma hit Carter’s nostrils like a whiff of ammonia.

That he found Douglas’ various stinks arousing, surprised Carter, but they clearly did.

Carter’s pulse raced and his cock tingled.

I guess I’m a first class faggot.  

The head of Douglas’ cock was bullet shaped and Carter took it into his mouth, savoring its salty taste. He formed a seal with his lips, taking care to cover his teeth before bobbing his head. He applied pressure with his tongue, got a rhythm while his spit smacked.

A few minutes passed, then Carter switched to Douglas’ ball sac, taking one testicle at a time into his mouth, sucking each gently.

Douglas groaned; he ran his fingers through Carter’s hair and played with Carter’s ears.

“It feels good, DuBose — very nice — and I like the fucking music, too.”

In the darkness, Carter giggled. Douglas liked Mahler? The night was full of surprises.

Carter returned his attention to Douglas’ cock. He sucked and slurped, and very soon Douglas’ body tensed. He bucked his hips. His chest heaved and his cock throbbed inside Carter’s mouth, then Douglas shot semen into Carter’s throat, four or five jets that nearly gagged Carter as he swallowed the stuff. The saline taste of Douglas’ seed and the weight of his swollen cock on Carter’s tongue thrilled Carter in a way the incident in the park had not.

After all, this was Douglas.

He is giving himself to me in a very private way, Carter told himself. It’s a sort of surrender, isn’t it?

Carter reached between his own legs. He touched himself and his nuts moved in their sac, alive and tingling. A clicking noise sounded inside his head and in seconds his cock spewed the inside of his boxers with sticky liquid. His body jerked each time he came, his heart thumped and for a moment he thought he might faint.

Jesus, Carter thought, this is the best moment of my life.

When his pulse slowed and his breathing relaxed, Carter let Douglas’ cock slip from his mouth. Changing position, he lay next to Douglas and placed his cheek upon Douglas’ muscled chest. He draped an arm across Douglas’ belly. The Mahler symphony neared its conclusion andCarter drew a deep breath, hearing Douglas’ heartbeat.

Tha-wump. Tha-wump.

Carter listened to Douglas breathe while he savored Douglas’ rankness. A cloud passed before the moon and the room darkened.

Douglas ran his fingers through Carter’s hair. “That was nice, DuBose. You’re not like the guys in the jail; you’re gentle. Just like I knew you would be.”

Carter’s eyes itched and he found it tough to swallow.

Douglas toyed with Carter’s ear. “Thanks again, DuBose, for being my friend.”

Carter kissed Douglas’ pectoral. He whispered, “Good night,” then he returned his cheek to Douglas’ chest. He felt special, lying with Douglas like this. The moment, he knew, was one he would never forget.

Closing his eyes, Carter drew a breath. He recalled his discussion with Douglas under the overpass, the smell of rain and a tangerine glow from sodium street lamps. How long ago had it been?

Much had changed since then, so many things had happened.

Douglas and Carter shifted position, so they lay spoon style, Carter’s back meeting Douglas’ chest. Wrapping an arm around Carter’s skinny waist, Douglas kissed the top of Carter’s head. Each boy breathed in darkness, thinking private thoughts.

Above them, clouds parted and the moon re-appeared. It cast a silver rhombus upon Carter’s bedroom carpet, but neither boy noticed.

Douglas and Carter had drifted into sleep.

Copyright Martin Delacroix 2010.

* * * *

Okay, folks, that’s the entire story. I hope you enjoyed it. Sometime in the near future, I’ll post another one. Sound good?

In a little while, my boyfriend and I will visit the YMCA for our usual workout: weights, basketball, lap-swimming. Then he’s off for work and I have a slew of errands to run before going home. I don’t know what I’ll do with my evening. After last night’s trip to the club, I think I’d better stay home.

Enjoy your Friday everyone.

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