Another hot guy in boardshorts; it’s time to talk sports …

Hi, friends and readers:

I’m posting a little late on the blog today. My boyfriend and I made the mistake of going out to a restaurant for breakfast this morning, and it took forever.

It’s Sunday morning, of course, during tourist season. I think we waited close to an hour for a table, then it took another half hour for our food to arrive. Oh, well, my bacon and cheese omelet was amazing, huge and tasty, so I’ll stop griping. I brought half of it home to enjoy tomorrow morning.

Now, we’re back at the house and my boyfriend’s taking a little nap. When our breakfasts settle, we’ll go for a three-mile run on the island. Outside, the sun has just appeared and the temperature’s around 70 degrees F. Perfect for getting outdoors and exercising.

On to other matters …

It’s Super Bowl Sunday. Now, I am not a rabid sports fan, but I’ll watch a college game or an NFL game on the weekend, during the season. I follow the Florida Gators, since I attended undergraduate school at UF. (I went to law school at FSU, so I’m a “mixed breed”, you might say.) Normally, Super Bowl Sunday is not a big deal for me, but …

The guy you see at left is Aaron Rodgers, the amazing quarterback for the Green Bay Packers. The Packers play in the Super Bowl today, against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Now, my boyfriend is a Wisconsin native, he has lots of family in the Green Bay area. He’s already wearing his Packers jersey, anticipating today’s 6:30 P.M. game and a Packer victory. We’re going to a party down the street. There will be plenty to drink and eat, and lots of good company. Plus we won’t have to drive. What could be better?

Anyway, I think Aaron Rodgers is mighty cute, don’t you? I know … he’s not one of those “willowy” guys whose photos I post on this blog, but I still think he’s sexy. He has a nice smile and dark eyes, and I like his shaggy hair. I hope he’ll do well this evening.

All I can say is, “Go Packers.” And, “Come on, Aaron. Show those chuckleheads from Pittsburgh how real football is played.”

And speaking of athletes, last night, after my boyfriend got home from work and we finished our dinner, we watched the Florida Gators play basketball against Kentucky. The game was exciting, and extremely close.

The Gators won because of the guy you see at left. His name is Chandler Parsons, he’s from Winter Park, FL and he’s an amazing basketball player. Watch a Gator game soon and you’ll see what I mean.

Parsons is not only a great player, he’s extremely cute. And I understand he’s pretty smart, as well. I’ll bet all the gay boys up at UF are swooning when Chandler walks through campus. Aye-yi-yi …

Okay, we’re having another busy day on the blog today. Already, close to a thousand people have visited, so our total visits by the end of the day will likely reach 1,500. It’s nice, having so many folks stop by. And, thanks to those of you who wrote to say how much you enjoyed my story, Carter DuBose, that I posted for free on this blog last week.

Enjoy your Super Bowl Sunday, everyone.

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