Naked Mouseketeer? Gay basketball/baseball player speaks up …

Hi, friends and readers:

When I was a kid, a show produced by Walt Disney called The Mickey Mouse Club appeared on television every weekday afternoon. I watched religiously, not only because I liked the cartoons, but because of the “Mouseketeers”, a group of kids who sang and danced and performed skits. Some of the boys in the group were mucho cute and I often fantasized about befriending some of them. (Yeah, I was a horny little devil …)

Anyway, I came across the photo I’ve posted here today and it took me back in time. How come they didn’t have him on The Mickey Mouse Club?

I received a comment last night from a young man named Allen who’s a high school senior in Colorado. He plays basketball for his school. He read my post from Sunday where I wrote about Chandler Parsons, a basketball player at University of Florida, my alma mater.

Allen said, “I’ve been following your blog for several months. I like the posts about gay athletes because I’m gay and I play two sports —¬†baseball and basketball. I haven’t told anyone I’m gay. My community’s conservative and I’d probably lose some of my friends if I told them. But when I go to college next year, I plan to date other gay guys my age or a little older. I hope I can find someone who likes sports as much as I do.

“Have you ever written a story about a gay basketball or baseball player? If not, why not? Have you ever heard from other gay basketball players through your blog? If so, why haven’t you posted their comments? I’m not meaning to be critical. I’m just curious?”

Thanks for writing, Allen. Actually, I recently completed a novel about a gay high school boy who plays basketball for his school. I haven’t tried selling the book to a publisher yet, but I will eventually. When and if it is published, I’ll announce it on the blog. And, yes, I have heard from a few gay athletes who play basketball and baseball. For some reason, the idea of gay boys/men playing those two sports doesn’t stir up as much controversy as gay boys/men participating in wrestling. It’s the close physical contact in wrestling, I suppose.

Thanks for writing, Allen. Good luck in college.

Outside, it’s overcast and cool this morning. Our dinner party last night was quite a success. Today, I’m up reasonably early and ready to write. My boyfriend’s working tonight, so I’ll spend a quiet evening at home by myself.

Enjoy your Tuesday, everyone.

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