Sexy, shirtless guy, sitting on a balcony railing…

Hi, friends and readers:

Don’t you love it when your cute neighbor hangs out on his balcony with his shirt off? How come the guy in today’s photo post doesn’t live near me?

I’m up early in Cocoa Beach, waiting for the sun to rise so we can go surfing. It’s beautiful here this morning, about 65 degrees F, with little wind. We’re not able to see the waves yet, it’s still dark, but I’m pretty sure we’ll get some good ones.

We had a good trip over here from the Gulf Coast. Traffic wasn’t bad and we got the room we wanted at the hotel — plenty of room for our surfboards and a nice king size bed. We’re only steps from the Atlantic.

Yesterday, we took a two-mile run, then we strolled on the beach, just before sunset. It was nice down there, not chilly at all if you wore at sweatshirt. We dined at a sports bar last night where the food was pretty good and the beer was cold. They must’ve had a dozen TVs with various basketball and hockey games going on. I’m not a big fan of either sport, but it was a fun atmosphere nonetheless, plus we could walk there in five minutes.

Okay, it looks like the sun is coming up, so I’ll close this post. It’s time to get wet. Wherever you are, enjoy your Thursday.

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