Hot boy with his skimboard; nice comment from a gay skimboarder …

Hi, friends and readers:

I live on Florida’s west coast, where we don’t really have surf you can ride. If a guy wants waves, he travels to the east coast, to Brevard, Volusia, Indian River and Martin Counties.

But here on the west coast, guys use skimboards to ride shore slop. It’s a legitimate sport requiring a great deal of practice and physical prowess, plus it’s fun to watch. This morning’s photo post shows you why — the guys are really cute and friendly. I always see a few skimboarders when I visit the beach down the street from my house.

Last night I received my first-ever comment from a gay skimboarder. His name is Kyle and he lives not far from my community, here in Florida. Kyle said, “I visit your blog all the time. I like reading about gay athletes and how they’ve handled telling their friends they’re gay. I haven’t told the guys I skim with that I’m gay. I’m not sure how they’d handle it. They’d probably be cool with it, but for now I’ll keep my liking for dudes to myself. I’m still in high school and if you tell something like that to one person, everyone in school knows it the next day. Know what I mean?”

Thanks for writing, Kyle. And, yes, I remember high school. Lots of narrow-minded, gossipy people. Believe me, you’ll find accepting people when you go to college, the kind who won’t care that you’re gay. Be patient, and good luck with your skimming.

On to other matters, like … The Florida Gators. Tonight, they’ll face the Georgia Bulldogs at the basketball arena in Gainesville.

This afternoon, my boyfriend and I will travel to Gainesville by car with three friends, to watch the game. This will be my first Gator basketball game I’ve seen live since I was a student at UF, about a hundred years ago.

The guy whose photo you see at left is the Gators’ best player, Chandler Parsons. He’s cute, isn’t he? I can’t wait to see him play tonight. He’s known for achieving “double-doubles”. That’s went he both scores and rebounds in double digits in the same game, pretty amazing stuff considering he’s playing against very tough SEC teams.

My boyfriend and I will stay at a nice hotel tonight, in Gainesville. I imagine all five guys will dine together at a barbeque restaurant before the game, then we’ll hopefully celebrate a Gator victory at a bar after the game. Go Gators!

Alright, we don’t depart for Gainesville until 1:30 PM, which gives me time to get my daily writing completed if I get busy right now. So, I’ll be signing off. Enjoy your Thursday, wherever you are.

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