Blowing bubbles on the toilet; Martin’s back from Gainesville …

Hi, friends and readers:

What do you think of today’s photo post? All right, I know … What kind of boy spends time with his pants off, seated on the toilet, blowing bubbles? (That looks like an ancient bathroom, too. And what’s with that mannequin in the corner? It’s no place I’d want to stick around.) But I thought the picture was unusual and humorous, so here it is.

My boyfriend and I just returned from Gainesville, after watching the UF Gators beat the Georgia Bulldogs, 71-62. The game was a lot closer than it sounds; the Bulldogs led at the half, but the Gators caught fire in the second half and got the job done. The crowd grew very excited in the last ten minutes — lots of cheering and foot stomping and pom-pom waving. What fun!

My boyfriend’s working tonight, so I’ll spend my evening alone (sniffle). It’s a beautiful day here on the island, about 80 degrees and sunny, with a breeze. I’ll take a run around 4:30 this afternoon, watch sunset with the neighbors, cook a little something for myself later on. It’ll be a quiet evening, which is fine after last night’s raucous game. Enjoy your Friday, everyone.

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