Hot guy with rippling abs and red gym shorts; Martin’s in the snow …

Hi, friends and readers:

Everyone like this morning’s photo post? I’m not sure which I like better: his ripplling abs or those red gym shorts. I guess I don’t have to make a choice, do I?

A few people wrote me last night, asking why I didn’t post yesterday. It’s simple: I was just too busy. Our flight arrived in Salt Lake City around 2:00 P.M. Utah time. By the time we reached Park City on Wednesday it was three PM and we had errands to run: rent ski equipment, visit the supermarket and booze market, fix dinner, and so forth. The time flew by.

Yesterday we were up early and on the slopes. I spent the morning on the beginner slope, took a private lesson in the afternoon. Again, the time flew by. When we got home it was four PM. We swam in the heated pool, visited the hot tub. Then it was time to get dinner going. I was so tired I was in bed before ten PM.

The slopes at Park City are gorgeous. The one we skied yesterday was called The Canyons and the views are spectacular, the trails numerous, varied and not crowded at all. People are polite and friendly. The sun shone all day and it wasn’t cold. My only problem is dealing with the altitude. The ski lodge at The Canyons is at 8,000 feet. Now, I’m from Florida; I live 100 yards from the Gulf of Mexico, so I’m a sea-level kind of guy. Getting used to this higher elevation takes a while. There is less oxygen in the air and you tend to get dehydrated. Booze goes to your head like lightning. So, you have to take it easy and drink plenty of water. Yesterday I woke up with a viscious hangover, so I vowed to drink less beer/wine and more water. This morning I feel much better.

Today, we’ll re-visit The Canyons and I’ll try some more difficult slopes, with a friend helping coach me. It should be another beautiful day. My boyfriend’s enjoying it here immensely. He’s a natural athlete and a fine skier and this is the first time he’s skied in the West. Park City, I must say, is a beautiful place. Even if you don’t ski, you can go hiking and enjoy the views. There is so much to see. Our hosts have treated us like kings and tonight we’ll take them out for a nice meal. Tomorrow, our flight leaves Salt Lake City around 10:30 AM, so it’s been a quick visit out here, but well worth it. We’ll be back, for certain, next year, for a longer stay.

Okay, I’m going to have a little breakfast and do a bit of writing before the rest of the household wakes. Wherever you are, I hope you enjoy your Wednesday.

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