Cute boy in a hoodie; lazy night on the island …

Hi, friends and readers:

Sometimes you meet a kid in his mid-teens and you say to yourself, “I’d like to see him again when he’s twenty.” Know what I mean? Do you like tonight’s photo post? He’s cute, isn’t he?

It’s been a lazy day for me and my boyfriend. After I worked on my writing this morning, we spent a little private time, then we took a three-mile walk on the beach. The shoreline was crowded with people.

A civic organization sponsored a beach festival: a stage with live bands, booths selling food, beer and merchandise, bouncy houses for the kids, even games of chance. It was fun to watch.

We’re staying home tonight. I’ll grill pork chops and we’ll bake sweet potatoes in the oven. We’ll make a salad and enjoy the nice weather. A beautiful breeze is pouring through the windows and the temperature will drop into the mid-50s tonight, perfect sleeping weather. Due to my never-ending cold, I think I’ll be in bed early.

In a recent post I mentioned my novel, Love Quest, published by Noble Romance. A few people wrote today and asked where it can be bought. Hey, just look at my blogroll and there’s a link to the Noble website. If you don’t mind a bit of darkness in your fiction, you might like Love Quest.

I hope you’re all having a nice Sunday evening, wherever you are.

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