Lover boys at the beach; nice morning on the island …

Hi, friends and readers:

This morning’s photo post is brought to you courtesy of a young man named Jessie who follows this blog. The two boys in the photo are his friends, Timmy and Raven, who are engaged to be married. (I guess they live in a jurisdiction allowing same-sex marriages.)

Jessie said, “You seem to like beach boys, and I just love this photo of them, so when I saw it I immediately thought of you and thought you might like it, too! If you decide you want to post it, they’ve already given permission for you to do so if you want.”

Thanks, Jessie, it’s a nice photograph.

I’m up a little early again today, ready to do some writing on my new book, Convicts, now that I’ve finished editing my story, Boy From Red Bluff. Actually, Convicts, started out to be a short story, but has morphed into a novel over 20,000 words in length, with no particular end in sight. For all I know it’ll reach 30,000 words before it’s done.

People sometimes ask me, “Don’t you prepare an outline before you begin a story, with the characters and the basic plot laid out?” I tell them, “Heck no. My stories emerge from my imagination while I am writing them. The characters grow during the process and sort of take over the story themselves. They tell me what to do.”

I think the creative writing process is difficult to understand if you haven’t done it yourself. I look forward to my daily writing hours, without fail, every day. If I don’t write on a particular day, I feel a void. It’s hard to explain.

On another topic, since I posted excerpts from my story, Carter DuBose, last month, I’ve noticed many people are clicking on my blogroll link to the Cleis Press website where the Skater Boys anthology is sold. Carter DuBose is one of about fifteen stories in Skater Boys. I hope this means some people are buying the book directly from Cleis instead of through Amazon. Cleis is a small house and they can always use the business.

Outside it’s sunny, breezy and about 70 degrees F. The Spring Breakers are arriving and with a high today of about 76 degrees F, our beach should be crowded. I must get busy. No beach for Martin today. Enjoy your Tuesday, everyone.

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