Another sexy boy in boardshorts; royalty statements arrive …

Hi, friends and readers:

The photo I posted on Tuesday, of two Spring Breakers, was a big hit. So, I thought I’d post another today. Everybody happy? I took a long walk yesterday afternoon and the Breakers were everywhere. The guys are so cute in their boardshorts.

Outside, it’s a little cool right now — around 65 degrees F and breezy. But the sun is shining and our high today should be about 75 degrees F, so I think the students should be showing their stuff again today. I’ll let you know in this evening’s post, in case you’re  interested.

If you live up north and you have time to travel, right now’s the best time of year to visit Florida. It’s way too hot here in the summer months. The best time is between November and May, trust me. And the lovely Spring Breakers are not to be missed. Believe me, you’ll spend all day at the beach.

Royalty statements arrived yesterday, for the month of February 2011. My all-time, best-selling book is still Love Quest, but Boys Who Love Men and Becoming Men are a close second and third. My novel Maui still does pretty well, too, despite the fact it’s been on the market eighteen months. Thanks to everyone who’s written me to say they’ve enjoyed these titles.

It’ll be a typical Friday for my boyfriend and me. I’ll write this morning, then we’ll visit the YMCA for a workout, basketball and lap-swimming. He’s working tonight, so I’ll likely spend my evening by myself, maybe watch a movie. Wherever you are I, hope you’re enjoying your day.

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