Naked boy in a waterfall; “March Madness” starts tomorrow …

Hi, friends and readers:

Everyone like this morning’s photo post? A waterfall never looked so good, right? The young man certainly has a nice behind, doesn’t he?

Spring doesn’t officially arrive until March 21st, but it certainly feels like Spring in central Florida. Yesterday, my boyfriend and I took a 3-1/2 hour canoe trip on a Florida river called The Little Manatee. It’s only a thirty minute drive from our home, but it’s quite isolated and very pretty. We saw a variety of fish, birds and many turtles sunning themselves on logs. The place was quiet and intimate.

Around 1:30 PM, we pulled onto a sandy bank where a creek flowed into the river, to enjoy our lunch and drink a few beers. The sun shone and it was so beautiful. Florida’s just great at this time of year. We were home in time to watch sunset at the beach, a perfect way to end the day.

I’m not a huge basketball fan, but my boyfriend likes watching sports and tomorrow the 2011 NCAA tournament begins, an event nicknamed “March Madness.” Sixty-four teams participate in a single-elimination process ending at the Final Four in Houston. We’re participating in a pool where guys try to pick who’ll win the most games during the tournament. I doubt I’ll win but it was fun picking the teams anyway. And I guess I’ll be watching a good deal of basketball over the next two weeks.

It’s another pretty day, here on the island: sunny, mid-70s, no wind. I’ll write this morning, hit the YMCA ths afternoon. My boyfriend’s working tonight, so I’m not sure what I’ll do, probably edit a story, maybe take a walk. It’s so nice outside I hate to stay indoors.

Enjoy your Wednesday, everyone.

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