Another sexy water polo player; Go Gators!

Hi, friends and readers:

What is it about water polo players? Does their conditioning program produce beautiful bodies? Is it their Speedos that make them look so sexy and uninhibited? I don’t know; I’ve never been to a water polo match, but one day I plan to. Care to join me?

It’s yet another beautiful day here in central Florida: sunny, dry and still. The high today will reach 77 degrees F, perfect for a walk on the beach.

I’ll write this morning, and I have a painting project I need to get busy on. I need to visit the supermarket, too. But somehow I’ll find time to take a walk on the beach. Those Spring Breakers are waiting for me, you know.

Early this evening my Florida Gators will play UC Santa Barbara at the hockey arena in Tampa, the first round of the NCAA Southeast basketball tournament. I had a chance to buy tickets, but they were very expensive and, what’s worse, the beer prices at the arena can only be described as confiscatory.

I’ll watch the game on TV at home instead, where the beer prices are far more reasonable. Of course, I’ll have my eye on Chandler Parsons, the sexiest guy on UF’s team. The game starts around seven P.M. if you are interested.

In recent weeks I’ve received several requests form readers who’d like me to post another free, Martin Delacroix story as I did last month with my story, Carter DuBose. Okay, guys, let me have a look at some stories that were published within the last two years, and aren’t under contractual restrictions. I’ll find a good one and I’ll post the story in parts, as before. How’s that? I have a couple in mind that I can post later this month. Just give me a week or so, okay?

Now it’s time to write, so I must close this post out. Enjoy your Thursday, wherever you are.

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