Beautiful cyclist; more Gator basketball’s in store

Hi, friends and readers:

When I saw the photo I’ve posted here today, I knew I’d have to put it up right away. The guy is amazingly beautiful, I think. I like his cyclist outfit and the way it clings to his body. Hell, I even like his armpits. I wonder who he is and who the photographer was who took the picture? Anybody know?

We’re having another stellar weather day, here on the island: sunny, warm and still. The newspaper says our high today will be 84 degrees F.

Spring Break’s in high gear. There are college kids all over the island, on the beach and the streets and in the restaurants and bars. Yesterday I drove to the supermarket and there were packs of college boys on the sidewalks, all wearing board shorts. Most were shirtless and, aye-yi-yi, I’m lucky I didn’t wreck my car.

Seriously, I have a “love/hate” relationship with Spring Break. I love all the beautiful young men wallking around in boardshorts, but the traffic in the area is terrible. It’s not just Breakers, it’s all the people visiting from up North. It takes forever to drive anywhere, especially on weekends. Fortunately, I stocked our kitchen yesterday — plenty of food, wine and beer — so I won’t have to drive anywhere today.

I’ll spend my morning writing. Around lunchtime I’ll take a three-mile run with my boyfriend. We’ll take a walk on the beach, then I’ll make a nice lunch for us before he has to leave for work. It looks like I’ll spend my evening alone, but that’s okay. I’ll do a bit of editing, maybe take a walk around the island.

At 4:30 PM the Florida Gators will play Butler University, to see which team goes to the Final Four in Houston. Of course, I’ll have my eye on the incredibly cute Chandler Parsons, my favorite UF player. That’s his picture at left.

Thanks to everyone who wrote in to say how much they enjoyed my story, If You Only Knew. I posted five installments of the story this week. One reader, Kenneth from New Orleans, asked me, “Do you think ‘skulking’ (i.e., spying on people when they’re naked or masturbating) is wrong? I’ve done it a few times myself and I found it really exciting.”)

H-m-m-m … How do I answer Kenneth’s question? Do I think skulking is wrong? No, not if the person being viewed is careless enough to leave his blinds or drapes open. But I think there are laws against it (Trespass, maybe?), so I can’t say I’d recommend it as a hobby.

Alright, it’s almost 10:00 AM and I have writing to do. So, I’ll wish everyone and wonderful Saturday and then I’ll get to work. Go Gators!

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