Lover boys going at it; busy day on the blog …

Hi, friends and readers:

Everyone like tonight’s photo post? I think it’s kind of sweet, and it sure is sexy. The guy on bottom certainly seems to enjoy the attention his boyfriend is giving him. Can you blame him? It’s a nice way to spend a Sunday afternoon, eh?

My day’s gone well. I got some solid writing done this morning. My boyfriend and I washed our cars (badly needed). I did yard work and took a quick trip to the supermarket. We have a houseguest coming in from California tonight. He’ll stay a few days, so I wanted to be sure the fridge was stocked.

Now I’m kicking back with a beer and thinking about viewing sunset at the beach tonight. It’s so beautiful outside right now: about 80 degrees, sunny and breezy. Our island was mobbed with Spring Breakers and northern tourists today, but now they’ve mostly left and it’s quiet. Just a few people fishing on the seawall.

It’s been a busy day on the blog: well over a thousand visitors have already stopped by. The comment I posted from Blake this morning, about gay boys/men participating in wrestling, has drawn a lot of favorable comments. Thanks again, Blake.

I’ll spend a quiet night by myself, and that’s okay. I have editing work to do. Wherever you are I hope you’ll enjoy your Sunday evening.

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