Frisky Spring Breakers; nice comment from a reader about “Becoming Men” …

Hi, friends and readers:

Oh, those wicked Spring Breakers … House four college boys in a short-term rental apartment, add beer and perhaps a few illegal drugs like weed and MDMA. Next thing you know the clothes are coming off, vanishing along with all sorts of inhibitions. Boys end up in bed with boys. Oh my, isn’t it awful?

My boyfriend and I strolled along the Gulf shore, right after lunch, and the beach was packed with Spring Breakers. All these cute guys wandered about in their boardshorts, they tossed Frisbees and footballs. Aye-yi-yi. So much youthful flesh.

This sort of craziness will continue until Easter, which comes very late this year, sometime during the third week of April, I believe. Aside from the heavy traffic, I enjoy all these young visitors to our island. But I wonder how the hotel and apartment rental people feel when they see the carnage after the kids depart. (“What? They stole the blankets and those cheap paintings hanging in the living room? Who knocked these holes in the walls? Who spray-painted the bathroom? Those damned punks!”) Oh, well …

I received a nice comment from a reader, Eric, who bought my book, Becoming Men, after I blogged about it earlier this week. He’d just read the first story in the book, titled East Beach. Eric said, “I hope the other two stories are as good as East Beach. I remember when I first came out during college. It wasn’t easy. When I read about Ian’s struggles I knew exactly how he felt. Cool story, Martin.”

Thanks, Eric.

I took a nice three-mile run after visiting the supermarket. (More Spring Breakers roamed the aisles at the store; they bought 18-packs of Budweiser and bags of chips. Healthy diet, eh?) The day was just beautiful: about 78 degrees, sunny and a light breeze. Low humidity. Perfect beach weather.

My boyfriend’s at work now. I’ll cook dinner for myself and a guest, then I may watch a movie on cable or read. Not a very exciting Saturday night, but I’ll take it. I hope your Saturday night’s as nice as mine.

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