Cute boy in a beanie; disturbing comment from a gay skate boarder …

Hi, friends and readers:

I came across this morning’s photo post a couple of days ago. It caught my interest right away. Of course, the young man’s handsome: beautiful hair and skin, nice features.  But the look in his eyes makes the photo special. He’s endured painful experiences in his life: emotional or physical abuse.  I found the photo special and I wanted to share it with all of you.

While we’re on the subject of abuse: I received a disturbing comment yesterday from a gay skateboarder named Jacob, age 17. Jacob lives in Bakersfield, CA. He told me the following:

“Skating is my life. It has been since I was 12. I realized I was gay when I was 14 and I kind of fell in love with a friend I skated with all the time. Just about every day we skated together. He’s good looking and all, very cool. I won’t tell you his name because he still lives in Bakersfield and he might see this sometime.  Or somebody else from Bakersfield might see this and tell him what I said here and it would only make things worse.

“Anyway, so after two years I finally told this dude how I felt about him. I said I loved him and I wanted to touch him so we could be more than friends. He went totally crazy and called me a cocksucker, said he would not skate with me any longer. Then, he told everyone else what I’d said and one night in a park near my house where I skate, a bunch of skaters, like four or five, jumped me and beat the crap out of me. I lost a tooth and they cracked my ribs by kicking me really hard. I had bruises all over me. They called me a faggot and lots of other rude names.

“So, I visit your blog from time to time and I see these comments from kids who are skaters and gay who are thinking about telling their friends. My advice is, don’t. A lot of dudes will hate on you and you might get attacked like I did. I skate alone now. I don’t think the skater world and the gay world mix well.”

Jacob, that’s awful. I have no idea what to say to you, except I’m sorry. I also want you to know there are many gay skateboarders out there. I hear from them all the time. Read some of the older entries on this blog that include comments from skaters. You might feel better about yourself if you do.

Well, readers, I suppose that was a depressing way to start your Sunday, but I thought Jacob’s comment should be put up.

It’s yet another beautiful day here on my little island. The sun’s shining and a light breeze is blowing and the temperature will climb into the high 70s today. My boyfriend has the day off. We’ll stroll the beach, do a bit of reading, maybe take a run this afternoon. Tonight we’ll watch sunset at the beach, then grill a steak on the charcoal.  What a great way to spend the day.

Enjoy your Sunday, folks, wherever you may be.

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