Hot Florida surfers; Martin’s back home …

Hi, friends and readers:

I’ve just returned from New Smyrna Beach, home of Evan Geiselman, a great surfer whose photo appears at left. He’s a major cutie, isn’t he?

Now, the washer and dryer are running and our wetsuits are drying in the sun on the back patio clothesline. My boyfriend and I are both a bit tired, due to early rising, our surfing session and a three-hour drive home. But we’re feeling entirely satisfied about our visit to New Smyrna Beach.

Yesterday the surf was okay, but a steady 12 MPH breeze blew out of the northeast and it sort of chopped up the waves. We had a decent morning session, but our afternoon session wasn’t good. Just too much wind and chop.

This morning was different. We woke to still and sunny conditions, with plenty of waves at Ponce De Leon Inlet. An ESA surfing competition was going on at the Inlet, so we moved a little south and everything was perfect. We had all the glassy, chest-high waves we wanted, with no crowds at all. We had our break to ourselves.

We started about 8:00 AM, returned to our hotel to shower and pack up so we could leave by 11:00 AM check-out time. The drive home wasn’t all that bad, except for passing though Orlando, where the traffic’s always nuts. Take my advice: avoid Orlando at all costs unless you have a specific reason to visit there, like business or going to a theme park. It’s too congested and not visually appealing.

At left is a photo I took this morning right after our surfing session. That’s my Honda Element. I know, it looks like a bread toaster, but I love it anyway. It holds tons of stuff, has plenty of head and leg room. (I’m 6’2″ so those features are important to me.) See the white sand and the pretty dunes?

We’re definitely going back to New Smyrna, and soon. What a nice place: old homes, super-wide beaches, clear water, and friendly people. Lots of trees: live oaks with Spanish moss and long leaf pines. The town has a very intimate feel to it. We found a great seafood restaurant last night with a huge wine list. Prices were pretty reasonable and the service was good, too. Jackpot!

Oh, and did I mention the streets were packed with hot young guys like Evan Geiselman? Most were shirtless, very lean and muscled from paddling surfboards in the Atlantic. Eye candy was everywhere; it was awful. Alas, we did not meet Evan. Where was he?

So, now we’re home. Once the laundry’s done we’ll wash our cars. (Mine’s full of sand.) Then maybe we’ll take a six pack of beer to the local shuffleboard courts and play a few rounds. (We call our type of game “shufflebeer.”) Tonight we’ll cook dinner, drink a little wine, maybe watch sunset with the neighbors. As they say: life is good.

Enjoy your Thursday, wherever you are.

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