Cute boy gobbling ice cream; Martin’s packed for Key West …

Hi, friends and readers:

You never know who you’ll meet at a swimming pool, do you? For the price of an ice cream cone, you can make a new friend.

I’ve had a good day: writing, taking care of correspondence, visiting the YMCA, then running a whole list of errands in preparation for our trip to Key West tomorrow.

Tonight, I attended a friend’s birthday party. I played Little League with the birthday boy when I was eleven years old, about a hundred years ago. The party was nice. About ten people attended: adults of varied ages and teenagers, too.

The doors and windows were open to the Intracoastal Waterway and the weather was perfect: warm and breezy. My friend’s sister made lasagna and his mom brought a Greek salad. My buddy made garlic bread and his niece made a cake with chocolate icing. What a perfect meal!

I came home about an hour ago, to pack for our trip tomorrow. That’s done, and now I’m editing a story, one I put on the shelf a few months back. I couldn’t find the right publishing house to send it to, but I think it’s ready for submission now. It needs a bit of polishing first.

It’s 10:00 PM right now and I’m not long for this world, after rising at 6:30 this morning. The bed’s calling me. I hope all of you are enjoying your Friday night. I’ll post from Key West tomorrow.

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