Smooth butt contest: whose rear is best?

Hi, friends and readers:

Due to comments I’ve received through this blog, I know lots of you out there have a special appreciation for a smooth, male behind. You know I certainly do. Every morning I wake to my beautiful boyfriend and his beautiful rear end. Who could ask for more? I’m the luckiest guy in the world.

Anyway, I came across a couple of photos depicting young men with smooth, curvy butts. I thought, H-m-m-m, let’s have a contest on the blog. Let’s see which guy has the sexiest rear. And let’s see whether my choice agrees with my readers’.

So, I am posting both photos and I’m asking all of you to let me know which guy’s butt turns you on the most. I’ll tally the votes Friday night and announce the results. Doesn’t this sound like fun? All you have to do is click on the “Leave a Comment” button, just above, and you can tell me which guy you like best: number one or number two.

Okay, contestant number two is at left. I know, it’s a black and white. In some guys’ books that means it’s not as good as a color photo. But I think it’s just as hot as the first photo in this post. In fact, it reminds me a lot of the view I enjoy each morning when my boyfriend prepares to shower.

So, now its time for all of you to do a little work. Click on each photo and study it carefully. Ask yourself, “If I could spend time in bed with either guy, stroking his amazing ass, which would I choose?” It’s not an easy choice to make, I know. But do it anyway, for poor old Martin. Since I went to all the trouble to find these guys and post their butt photos, you can take a few moments and cast your vote.

My boyfriend and I spent much of the afternoon doing yardwork and planting three new plants we bought in the Keys during our trip. Two are bouganvilla shrubs and one’s a bromeliad. All are colorful and will add to the beauty of our patio. I’m still not sure what we’ll do this evening. We’re still thinking about going dancing in the city. Those three-dollar Long Island Iced Teas in Mason jars are hard to pass up, plus the music at the club is great. We’ll see.

Everyone have a nice Thursday evening, wherever you are.

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