Guy with a beautiful butt; quiet night on the island …

Hi, friends and readers:

How come I can’t resist photos of guys with bubble butts and sexy legs? I mean, look at tonight’s photo post. Who could resist pouncing on him? Not me. Aye-yi-yi . . .

It’s been a good day, nothing too exciting, but relaxing. I did two hours of writing this morning, worked out at the YMCA, came home to relax with a beer at my neighbor’s. It’s beautiful here tonight: breezy and sunny, not too warm. I’m grilling pork chops for a dinner guest. It’ll be a nice evening.

I keep getting comments from aspiring writers, asking me how to get their stories/books published. H-m-m-m … answering that question will take some time. In the next few days I’ll try to share my own experiences in the publishing world. It’s a tricky business — not easy to break into — but it can be done.

Right now, I’m relaxing with a vodka and tonic, just taking care of correspondence and thinking about watching sunset. I hope it’s nice where you are tonight, readers. Have a nice evening.

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