Cute boy in puka shell necklace; milestone day on the blog: I’ve had 200,000 visitors …

Hi, friends and readers:

When I was in law school at FSU, a hundred years ago, puka shell necklaces were mucho fashionable for young men. All the guys wore them. I never became a devotee myself, but pukas looked pretty good on the right sort of young man, like the guy in tonight’s photo post. They contrast so nicely with his suntan, don’t they?

Today’s a milestone day on this blog. I had my 200,000th visitor today. Imagine that. When I started this blog in December 2008, only a few people stopped by each day. Even just a  year ago I only averaged 1,500 visits per month.

Now, I’m averaging 35,000 visits per month. A few days ago, I had 2,800 visits in one day. Many visitors come from Europe and South America. I hear from guys all over the United States. My posts on gay skateboarders, surfers, wrestlers and other athletes have drawn a multitude of comments. It’s all so cool. I honestly never thought so many people would stop by each day, but I’m sure glad they are.

Here’s a promise, readers: I’ll keep posting photos of handsome young men. I’ll keep posting accounts of my terribly exciting life. And I’ll keep posting free fiction if you guys will keep stopping by the blog. I love hearing from you, whether you are sixteen or sixty.

Thanks to everyone who has read my fiction and written me to say they enjoyed it. I even appreciate the criticism some guys throw at me; it’s a learning process. Keep writing me, readers. Okay?

Alright, it’s a pretty Thursday night, here on the island. My boyfriend’s not working today. We’ll put dinner in the oven, then head for the beach to watch sunset. We’ll open a bottle of wine, too. Life is good here. Wherever you are, I hope you’re enjoying your evening.

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