Are feet sexy? More thoughts on writing fiction …

Hi, friends and readers:

Do you find another guy’s feet sexy? When you’re in bed with a guy do you spend any time on his feet? A lot of people do, I believe. I know I’ve had some interesting sexual encounters with foot worshipers over the years. It’s actually kind of nice having a guy rub the soles of your feet and lick between your toes. Just be sure your feet are clean before you let someone do this to you. (I know, I sound like somebody’s mom, don’t I?”)

Anyway, if you’re a  foot-lover, today’s photo post is for you. I hope you’ll enjoy it. The young man has a nice rear-end, too. (Always important, in my book.)

Here’s another installment of “Martin’s thoughts on writing fiction”:

People ask me, “What makes a good story?” I always say, “Above all, interesting characters.” They should never be perfect, physically or mentally, not even your hero. Give them personality flaws, facial scars, limps, and phobias. Give them streaks of cowardice. Maybe one character is an habitual liar. Another’s a Peeping Tom. Another can’t get an erection.

No one is completely good or bad. Your readers will identify with flawed characters. And each character in your story should be entirely different from the others. I read so many gay erotic stories where the lovers are identical: ruggedly handsome, with nice sports cars and wardrobes, designer homes, and high IQs.  They have pretentious names like Trevor, Blake and Austin. Flick on any soap opera on TV and you’ll see what I mean. I recommend The Bold and the Beautiful. There’s not a single ugly or poor person on the show. How realistic is that?

Do you know any perfect people? Of course not. The people you know have problems with weight control. They are losing their hair, filing bankruptcy, driving a car that stalls out at traffic lights. They get DUIs, have drug problems, cheat on their lovers, blow their paychecks at the dog track. Those are the kind of people who make memorable characters.

Okay, I have work to do, so I’ll stop for the day. My boyfriend’s not working today. We’ll hit the YMCA this afternoon, then the supermarket. Tonight we’ll cook something on the charcoal grille, maybe see a movie at a theater. I hope your day, wherever you are, is as nice as ours will be.

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