Another hot guy in a jack strap; more thoughts on writing fiction …

Hi, friends and readers:

When it comes to sexy young men wearing jock straps, I’ve already said all I need to on the subject. A jock strap shows off a guy’s rear in a way no other garment can. It’s also shows off his package in front, with just a touch of mystery. Oh, how I miss my school locker room days . . .

A person wrote me to ask, “Where do the plots in your stories come from? Each one is diferent from the other. How do you do that?”

Firstly, the word “plot” means different things to different people. To me it means a progression of interrelated events leading to a clash of wills and an outcome that brings change to a main character. How’s that for a mouthful?

When I start writing a story, I put my main character in trouble right away. He may be arrested. He may get lost in a bad neighborhood in the wee hours. He may get dumped by his partner, or his partner may die in an auto accident. Everything that happens in the story after that moment, derives from the initial incident. And my main character must grow as a result of his struggle to overcome his problem. In the end he’s not the same person he was when you first met him.

A good story makes life tough for the main character. Every time he thinks he’s close to achieving his goal, he gets knocked backward. He has to fight, over and over, to get where he needs to go. Some characters want love, others want money or power. Some just want to escape a bad situation: jail, an abusive relationship, or a rabid wolf lurking outside the cabin door.

Sometimes you can have two main characters who are both struggling against an opposing force, each in his or her own way. Readers like to see two different people facing the same problem and bringing his or her own peculiar talents to the battle. In this sort of story, each main character should be entirely different from the other. If you want an example, watch the movie African Queen with Humphrey Bogart.

Okay, enough rambling for today. It’s hot outside, too warm for washing cars or doing yard work. I’ll spend my morning writing, then my boyfriend and I will spend time together before he goes to work. I’m not sure what I’ll do with my evening, but I’ll certainly watch sunset at the beach. Wherever you are, I hope you’re enjoying your Saturday.

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