Sexy guy in an orange Speedo; lazy night on the island …

Hi, friends and readers:

How is everyone’s Saturday going? Do you like tonight’s photo post. Certain young men have bodies made for wearing Speedos in public, don’t they? How come he’s not at my beach this evening? I’d certainly invite him for dinner if he didn’t have plans. Wouldn’t you?

I spent a nice day with my boyfriend before he had to leave for work. We enjoyed breakfast, read the newspaper, starightened up the house. It was nothing exciting, but I like spending quiet time with him. I got some writing done, some housework as well, after he left. Now the place looks great and I’m ready to relax.

I’ve received many comments about my recent posts on writing fiction. It seems some aspiring writers out there find my remarks helpful. That’s good. And yes, I’ll keep posting on the topic for a while. Writing fiction can be both inspiring and rewarding. Especially when you, as an author, hear from a reader who says, “Your story meant so much to me.”

I’m spending a quiet evening at home. I’ll do a bit of writing, cook dinner, drink a bottle of wine. I’m going to the beach to watch sunset around eight PM. Rough way to spend a Saturday night, eh? Enjoy yours, everyone.

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