Naked boy with eyeglasses; surfing’s so-so in New Smyrna …

Hi, friends and readers:

What do you think off today’s photo post? I think it’s pretty sexy. The young man’s handsome; he has a nice butt, and I like his eyeglasses. Some guys look sexy in eyewear, don’t you agree?

What I find most intriguing about the photo is the expression on the young man’s face. He looks a bit peeved, doesn’t he? Maybe he asked his boyfriend for sex and his boyfriend told him no. Or maybe he just had a argument with his boyfriend and the boyfriend stormed out of the house? Who knows? But the young man’s facial expression makes the photo, in my opinion. (Okay, his butt’s actually … amazing, too.)

Speaking of nice butts, my boyfriend’s lying on our hotel room bed while I write this post. We’re in New Smyrna Beach, on a surfing trip, but the surfing hasn’t been very good so far. We went out yesterday afternoon and again this morning, but the wind’s blowing sort of hard and the waves are all chopped up. We hit the water this morning about 8:30, but the tide was extremely low, which screwed up the waves and caused a lot of  “close-outs”, where the waves look good when they break, but then they simply go flat. It’s a sandbar problem.

So, we just ate lunch at a nice little Italian place and we’re back at the hotel, trying to decide what we’ll do until the tide comes up. Maybe take a nap? Maybe do something else in bed? I’m sure we’ll think of something. Despite the crappy surf conditions, I’m enjoying myself. New Smyrna’s a great little town. People are friendly, and you can walk to just about anywhere you’d want to go. The beach is pretty and prices are reasonable.

Have a nice Wednesday, everyone, wherever you are.