Cute boy in white briefs …

Hi, friends and readers:

Ah, the joys of lounging about in your briefs, with your best bud beside you. What a great way to spend a weekend morning. Especially in Florida during summer. Who wants to go outside? Who wants to wear clothes? It’s too darned hot. Just stay indoors and watch TV, read the newspaper or listen to music. (“Dude, pass me the sports page and the orange juice carton. And, by the way, I like your undies.”)

I just walked outside to toss the garbage and … yuck. It’s hot and humid out there. Yesterday, when I took my run at 5:45 PM, the temperature was still close to 90 degrees F. Why did Spring have to end so quickly? It’s going to be a  l-o-n-g Summer in Florida this year.

Today’s a typical Wednesday for me: writing, YMCA, and spending the evening in the city with my buds. We’ll drink a few beers, then head for a restaurant for dinner. Nothing too exciting, but it works for me.

I’m still getting comments from all over the world about Nate’s remarks I posted on Monday. Nate’s story is disturbing and sad, I know. But I think he’ll be okay. Sometimes it’s easy to forget how teens view the world. They often make the mistake of thinking life will never change. But of course it does. High school doesn’t last forever.

Alright, I have much to do, so I’ll say goodbye and wish everyone a happy Wednesday. Stay cool, okay?

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