Martin’s new story, “Angel Levi”, is released …

Hi, friends and readers:

If you’re looking for something to spice up your weekend, you may wish to consider buying a copy of Wicked Good, just released today by the Ravenous Romance publishing house. My story, Angel Levi, is included. It’s not the usual Delacroix fiction, but I like it since it’s kind of quirky.

Here’s a blurb for my story:

Levi works at Walmart. He’s attracted to his co-worker, Hector de Souza. Hector’s handsome and he seems receptive to Levi’s advances, but there are problems. Although he looks twenty-three, Levi’s actually a two thousand year-old angel. Due to misdeeds Levi committed during his mortal life, God won’t let Levi fall in love. If Levi does, God tells Levi, “I will cast your soul into The Dark Angel’s den: a foul and disgusting place.”

Hector won’t get in bed with Levi unless romance is part of the picture.

Hector tells Levi, “I am old-fashioned. To me, sex without love is pointless. I’m not a guy who hops in the sack with anyone who comes along. I’ve lived that way before and it doesn’t work for me. Understand?”

Will Levi risk meeting the devil, in order to win Hector’s love?

Will God carry through with his threat if Levi falls for Hector?

By the way, Angel Levi is not a story poking fun at religion; it actually has a serious message, along with a touch of humor. This is my first piece I’ve published with the Ravenous Romance firm. The book’s already selling briskly on their website. If you are interested in buying it, click on the cover in the sidebar at right. It’lltake you to the publisher’s website.

I’m home after a busy day. I had a good workout at the YMCA. Afterward, I ran endless errands: optical place, booze store, CVS, and the supermarket. I cleaned my car’s interior, too. It was full of sand after we drove on the beach at New Smyrna recently. (Mental note: don’t open the car windows while driving on the beach in New Smyrna, particularly if the wind is blowing.)

I’ll relax tonight at home, maybe watch sunset with my neighbors and do a bit of editing. I’m actually pretty tired, so we’ll see. Have a nice Friday night, everyone.

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