Sexy country boy showing off his ripped body; the weekend’s here …

Hi, friends and readers:

Take a look at the young man at left. If you spend much time on the Internet you might have run across his photos before.

I have no idea who the young man is or where he lives but I’m guessing he’s a southern boy, judging by his clothing and the room in the background.

The pictures were taken several years ago. I know because they’ve been around that long, but I’d never seen the entire collection of his photos until this afternoon. If you find the photo I’ve posted here enticing, here’s a link to the rest of his pictures:

I’m giving you fair warning: some of his photos are quite explicit and raunchy. Enter at your own risk.  Enjoy the photos, guys. And if you’re under 18, don’t click on the site, please.

We’ve had busy days on the blog today and yesterday. Lots of folks are stopping by and sending in comments. The photo I posted earlier today is drawing mucho attention. I guess everyone likes the young man’s sunglasses?

It’s Friday evening. Soon we’ll get the grille going and have oursleves a nice meal. We might go dancing at a local club tonight. Who knows? Enjoy your weekend, everyone.

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