Slender guy on the phone; Lightning play Game #2 tonight …

Hi, friends and readers:

In Florida we don’t wear “sleep pants”; it’s never that cold. Most guys either wear boxers to bed or nothing at all. But during my adventures in northern climes I’ve shared a bed with certain guys who wore sleep pants. They look  kind of sexy wandering about the house in the morning, wearing the pants and nothing else. Especially a guy like the young man in today’s photo post. Pretty yummy, eh?

I’m early again, after a restless night’s sleep, filled with weird and nonsensical dreams. I’m not sure why I have these nights, but perhaps they contribute to my creativity. I sure hope so. I’m putting finishing touches on my story Cody Barton, this morning and I need to be as artistic as I can manage.

Tonight, we’ll watch the second game of the NHL’s Eastern Conference finals between Tampa Bay and Boston. The game’s being played in Boston, so we’ll watch it on TV, along with a dinner guest. It should be a fun evening. Hopefully my favorite player, the incredibly cute Steven Stamkos, will perform well tonight. Go, Lightning!

I’ll spend my morning writing, then I have errands to run, plus a teeth cleaning at the dentist. You see how exciting the life of a fiction author can be? At least I don’t have to go to work at an office or factory. I’m grateful for that.

It’s yet another busy day on the blog. The times’ nine AM and already 1,000 people have stopped by. I hope everyone’s having a nice Tuesday. Thanks for visiting the blog, friends.

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