Another gay wrestler speaks out; Lightning need to win tonight …

Hi, friends and readers:

I sense a certain level of frustration among gay boys and men who wrestle for their high schools and colleges. I hear from these guys all the time, and there’s a common thread in what they all have to say: Who says an athlete who’s gay can’t participate in the sport? 

Indeed. Who says they can’t.

A wrestler from Ohio named Dustin wrote me today. He said, “All this argument over gay students wrestling for their schools is just bullshit, Martin. I’m the CAPTAIN of my high school team. I kicked ASS this season, won every match. Okay, I have a boyfriend. I like gay sex, but I’m not effeminate or anything. But you cannot imagine how much shit I would catch if I had told my teammates or my coach.

“I’m off to college next year, looking forward to a more liberal attitude toward all this. I don’t have a wrestling scholarship, but I’ll try a walk-on. Nobody’s going to tell me I can’t wrestle. I will prove myself on the mat. Watch me.”

Keep in touch, Dustin. Let me know how it goes, okay? Send me a video of your first college match. I won’t post it, but I’ll enjoy watching it. I know you will win.

It’s a pretty night on the island. I spent all afternoon doing yard work. It wasn’t bad, and now the place looks great. There’s a pile of limbs and two bags of clippings waiting for the garbage guy, out on the alley. I’m getting ready to watch the Tampa Bay Lightning kick the Boston Bruins’ sleazy butts. Go Bolts!

Have a nice night, everyone.

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