Cute boy in an a-shirt; the weekend’s here …

Hi, friends and readers:

Some people think only a muscular guy looks good in an “a-shirt” (a/k/a “wife beater”), but I disagree. The shirt can flatter a cute and slender guy too. Like the boy at left. It’s a perfect look for him, I think.

I’m up late this morning. After the Lightning’s depressing loss to Boston last night, I’m afraid I drowned my sorrows in wine until the wee hours. When will I learn?

I’m getting deluged this morning by readers who liked the photo of a wrestler in a blue singlet I posted yesterday. No, I don’t know his name or where he lives. I don’t know anything about him. So, don’t head for the airport. You’ll have to satisfy yourself with the photo, friends. He is beautiful, isn’t he?

My boyfriend has the day off. We’ll visit the YMCA this afternoon for our usual workout, then run errands before returning to the island. Tonight we have reservations at a nice Italian restaurant in the city, the first time we’ve dined there. It’s right on Tampa Bay, so it should be a special experience.

I’m spending this morning doing edits on my YA novel. I finished the first draft about six months ago, and now it’s time to polish the book before submitting it to literary agents in NYC. Here’s the working blurb for the novel:

Fifteen year-old Tyler lives in Cassadaga, a Florida community where his grandmother and other spiritual “mediums” ply their trade. Tyler’s a loner, a bookish boy with few interests until his stepbrother, Devin comes to live in Tyler’s home. Devin’s nineteen and a convicted arsonist who’s spent time in prison.

Tyler has ignored his attraction to other boys, but with Devin in the house Tyler can’t deny his urges. He falls in love with his miscreant stepbrother, and with the sport of basketball, once Devin teaches Tyler the finer points of the game. 

Okay, I have much to do, so I will wish everyone a nice Friday. The weekend’s here, so make plans and enjoy yourselves. Honestly, I don’t know that wrestler’s name or where he lives. Sorry.

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