Hot boy with an amazing behind . . .

Hi, friends and readers:

Question: What’s sexier than young man with a cute rump? Answer: nothing I can think of.

The model in the photo I’ve posted here this morning may be “Vova”, the boy whose behind was worshiped by men the world over, in the late 1990s.

I’ve posted a few photos of Vova in the past 03/15/10 and 02/01/11) and that sure looks like his beautiful butt. Does anyone know for sure? (By the way, I understand “Vova” is a Russian name. It may explain the Stalinist-style structures in the photo.)

I got to bed before midnight last night, so I was up early this morning and feeling energetic. I had breakfast, skimmed the paper, and now I’m getting ready to edit more pages of my novel, Tyler Buckspan. It’s 45,000 words, or about 250 pages, so there’s much to do.

My neighbors are having a brunch to celebrate a friend’s birthday, in just a couple of hours. I’m close with most all my neighbors, so I’ll know everyone there. It should be fun. The birthday girl’s a dear lady who we all love, so I’m looking forward to celebrating with her.

Outside, it’s warm, humid and still. I have yard work to do, but I’ll wait until things cool off before attempting any outdoor work. At this time of year it doesn’t pay to get overheated. (Can you say, “heat stroke”?) Thank God for air conditioning.

Enjoy your Sunday, everyone. And enjoy Vova’s lovely buns.

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