Hot boy in a waterfall; steamy day on the island …

Hi, friends and readers:

Ever stand under a waterfall? It’s a stimulating experience, especially if you’re naked, like the young man in today’s photo post.

Earlier this week I came across this photo, and I thought it was interesting. What do you think?

I’m home from the YMCA, after a good workout, basketball and lap-swimming. I’m sure glad I went there instead of taking a run this afternoon. Outside it’s brutally hot: 94 degrees F and humid. There’s no breeze either.

Florida’s heat is why I spent my summers in Berlin during 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2009. In Berlin, most days the high is around 75 degrees F and the low is around 55. And it’s sunny most days, too. That’s my definition of perfect summer weather.

Alas, this year I’ll only visit Berlin for ten days, but that’s better than nothing. If you have never visited there, I suggest you do. The people are friendly, public transportation’s superb, and it’s not expensive. There’s lots to see and do: beautiful parks, museums and art galleries, night clubs and bars, and great architecture.

In a few minutes, I’ll hop in the Honda Element and drive to my Wednesday evening gathering in town. Now that the tourists are gone, the traffic shouldn’t be bad. I’ll be back in time for the second half of the Lightning game against Boston. Go Bolts! Have a nice Wednesday evening, all.

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