Hot boy in a blue Speedo; comment from a gay college swimmer …

Hi, friends and readers:

You never know what you’ll find pool side, especially in Western Europe and Australia, where young men feel confident enough to wear Speedos and show off their stuff. I think the young man in today’s photo post looks right at home in his blue suit. Don’t you agree?

Speaking of swimmers … Today I received a comment from a young man named Steven who’s on the swim team at his university in Southern California. He didn’t say which school, and I’m sure he had a good reason for not telling me. He said this:

“I’ve followed your blog for about eight months now. I’ve read all your posts about gay athletes: skaters, wrestlers, and the rest. But you’ve never posted a comment from a gay swimmer. How come? Don’t you ever hear from any? Well, now you have.

“This was my second season swimming for my school. I’m on partial scholarship. My best event is 50-meter breaststroke. My best time is 30.52 seconds, which is pretty good for a Division One school.

“I’m gay. I meet guys online fairly often. I like being on bottom for anal sex. But if you met me on the street you wouldn’t know I am gay. I mean, I’m masculine and everything. I’m sure no one on my swim team suspects, and I’m sure not going to tell them ’cause I would catch a TON OF SHIT from everyone. If you wonder why, check out a movie called “Common Ground”, where J. Taylor-Thomas plays a gay swimmer who’s beat up by his teammates. I just don’t think the world of competitive swimming is ready for openly gay athletes. That’s just my opinion, of course. And thanks for the blog. The photos are hot and I like the comments from gay athletes.”

You’re welcome, Steven. Thanks for writing. I hope you have a great season next school year.

My boyfriend and I are home after a good workout at the YMCA. Not many people were there, due to the holiday I guess. I had my own lap lane for most of my swimming session, which is always nice. Here on the island, although the time’s past five PM, it’s still hot and humid outside and the beach down the street is packed with people. Where do they all come from?

We’re doing burgers on the grille tonight, since we never got around to it last night. (Too much good food at the beach party.) Things should cool off around seven PM and be perfect for cooking outdoors. Enjoy your Monday evening, all.

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