Another boy with an amazing rear; reactions to Martin’s story, “Fuck Me … Please” …

Hi friends and readers:

I wouldn’t call myself a nudist. Like most Americans, I tend to be a little shy about walking around in my birthday suit. But during my youth there were times – usually camping trips in remote places — when all the guys shed their clothes and hung out naked.

There’s a certain sense of liberation a guy feels when he’s naked outdoors, I’m not sure why. But the young man in today’s photo post certainly seems to be enjoying himself. Does anyone have his phone number? I’d like to invite him over to my place for a bit of sunbathing.

It’s Wednesday, which means I’ll spend my morning writing, then visit the YMCA for my usual workout and lap-swimming. I’ll spend tonight in the city with my buds. With my boyfriend gone for the summer, I spend a lot of evenings by myself, so it’ll be nice to have the company of my friends.

I’ve received a variety of comments from people who read my story, Fuck Me … Please. I posted the entire story here, during the past week, in eight daily installments. Here are some of my favorite comments I received about Fuck Me … Please:

“I remember the first time I got screwed in the ass. There were good and bad moments. I think you described the experience perfectly. Nice story.”

And …

“Did you really have to go into such detail about anal sex? Okay, I read the whole thing, but I’m glad I wasn’t eating breakfast when I did.”

And …

“I don’t know who I liked better, Forrest or Tyler. But I think it’s sweet how they ended up becoming lovers. The way you described their sexual encounter was intense and exciting. I felt like I was right there in the hotel room. Great stuff, Martin.”

And, finally …

“Now I know why I’m strictly a top man. Poor Forrest.”

Well, readers, when it comes to writing fiction you can’t please everyone. You should read the conflicting reviews I’ve received on my books. Some people love them, some don’t. I just finished reading another writer’s  novel, It has sold very well on Amazon and received a landslide of praise from reviewers. But I found the book amateurish and boring. I finished it, but only because I paid twelve bucks for the book and couldn’t just toss it.

In other news, last night I attended a little gathering at my neighbor’s patio to celebrate the blooming of his Night Blooming Cereus vine. This is an annual occurrence. As you can see from the photo I took last night, the blossoms are beautiful. They only last for one night and then they are gone.

I have such cool neighbors. We sat outside, sipping from glasses of wine and enjoying a nice easterly breeze from the Intracoastal Waterway. I feel quite lucky to live where I do.

I talked with my boyfriend last night. He told me it’s just as hot in Minnesota right now as it is in Florida. Hard to believe, eh? I retrieved my newspaper about an hour ago and the temperature outside was already close to 90 degrees F. Yuck! I’ll be exercising in the YMCA’s air conditioning today, so it’s okay.

Thanks to everyone who wrote me about Fuck Me … Please. That includes people who sent negative comments. I’m not offended by criticism. Enjoy your Wednesday, everyone, wherever you might be.

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