Cute boy with a white wristband; essential information on ‘Red Speedo Boy” …

Hi, friends and readers:

Someone sent me the photo I’ve posted here and I thought I’d share it with all of you. He’s cute, isn’t he?

A nice guy named Trey who follows this blog wrote me this afternoon about the photo of “Red Speedo Boy” included in my 1,000th blog post I put up yesterday.

In the post I said I thought the photo was taken in San Francisco, but I was wrong. Here’s what Trey had to say:

“Congratulations on your milestone Martin, and thank you for providing all your readers with both eye candy and thoughtful insights.  I just have to correct you on the second most popular cutie.  Mr. Red Speedo is clearly running eastbound on the I-90 floating bridge in Seattle, mid span between Leschi and Mercer Island.  I know this location well, as I have been flying over it, driving by it, and boating by it for many years.  This walk/bike/run lane is on the north side of the floating bridges, and is most heavily used by bicycle commuters, rain or shine.

Thank you again for the great site!  I hope it continues to grow and bring you and your readers satisfaction.”

Thanks for writing, Trey. And thanks for clarifying the whereabouts of Red Speedo Boy. If anyone wants to meet him, now you know where he lives. Enjoy your Saturday night, all.

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